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Guitar Lessons- Training the Mind, Muscles, Fingers, and Nervous System

Guitar lessons can show you what to do, and even how to do it, but ultimately you’ve got to train your mind and body to actually do it. Unfortunately, there’s not much that we do with our hands in a … Continue reading

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Songwriting Lessons- Start With Your Strength

Songwriting Lessons show that when you set out to write a song, there are only three elements that you really need to master. Those elements are lyric writing, melody writing, and harmonic progression development or chord progressions. While there are … Continue reading

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Music Lessons- Understanding Your Talent

Music lessons are a powerful thing. From time to time we will be blogging about a knowledge base of tips, tricks, and useful information to help you better understand your gift, whether that be singing, playing an instrument, songwriting, or … Continue reading

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