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Guitar Lessons for youGuitar has always been both a seductive and elusive mistress. The playing of it giving us cathartic emotional release as well as the height of frustration. There are so many fantastic player that we greatly admire. We buy their CDs and go to their concerts. There are almost as many playing styles as there are fantastic players. We like so many of them, we can hardly decide where to focus for our own playing.

What kind of guitar should we pick? An acoustic? and if so, a dreadnaught, jumbo, parlor size, archtop? or electric? and if so, a strat, tele, Les Paul, or one of the custom builders? What about Jazz? And specialty guitars like Nationals and resophonics? And how are we going to play it? With a pic, with our fingers, or hybrid style? And our fretting hand, do we use our thumb, or maybe a slide?And all these choices could come before we even play a note.

What Does Guitar Mean To You?

We all have our top guitar players, those artists who just turn us into dreamers. And a big part of the fantasy is, could I ever do that? Let the dream get big enough, and if you feel it powerfully enough, you might go out and buy a guitar, just like the one you’ve seen your favorite guitarist play. Then comes the big question. How am I going to do this?

When my favorite guitarist plays it seems like magic; I could listen for hours. When I try, it’s like…well are the strings supposed to buzz like that? What about all those dead notes? And reality sinks in, you don’t know what you’re doing.

How do I learn to play this guitar anyway?

One thing is for certain, everyone and his brother has guitar playing tips on YouTube. Even players who can barely play themselves, and just want to be noticed. There are thousands of DVDs and online courses, but who is going to be there to help you make the corrections when you don’t exactly learn it just like the video. In all the years we’ve been teaching and observing the teaching process, there has never been a replacement for one on one, private lessons. A masterĀ guitar teacher is going to notice when your body, or your hand, or even a finger, is out of position and is ultimately holding you back. I have had hundreds of students who waited too long to actually take lessons and they had to spend the first several months unlearning the bad hbits they had acquired learning on their own.

Music Lesson Expert, in their partnership with Guitar Lesson Expert, brings you the most comprehensive private guitar lessons possible. Whether you want to emulate your favorite guitarist, somehow merge the styles of your favorite 3 or 4 guitarists, or even dig down and create an original and unique style all your own, we urge you to reach out and study with the Guitar Lesson Expert.

Your relationship with the guitar will never be the same.

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