Music Lessons- Understanding Your Talent

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David Randle, Music Lesson Expert

David Randle, Music Lesson Expert

Music lessons are a powerful thing. From time to time we will be blogging about a knowledge base of tips, tricks, and useful information to help you better understand your gift, whether that be singing, playing an instrument, songwriting, or some combination of them all.

The strength that you will gain from taking lessons in the area of performance that most interests you will take you far beyond any place that you could imagine. It’s one thing to dream about it; looking out on an adoring crowd, giving the performance of your life in the recording studio, and feeling the music coming through every pore of your being. It’s another thing to take concrete steps to actually deliver yourself to the place where that dream is a reality.

Music lessons can be an amazing pathway to bring your talent to the surface. Being coached by very talented teachers who have been where you want to be, and who know how to show you the way to get there yourself, is like having a special map that shows you all the shortcuts. But by shortcuts, I don’t mean that there’s no work involved. Just that a master teacher can show you the exact places to focus your attention so that you get the most out of your talents and the time you have to spend.

Come to this blog often and see what we have to say about what you want to learn. It will definitely be worth it. Both Rebeca and I will be sharing our thoughts about many areas of music from creativity to covers, from technical mastery to emotional expression. We hope that you join us as a regular blog reader, and even as a private student or workshop attendee. We want for you what you want for yourself, and we know how to get you there.


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About David Randle

David is a lifelong guitarist and songwriter, with a highly developed knack for producing and arranging. He spends a great deal of time mentoring and coaching aspiring music artists and songwriters to rise to the pinnacle of their abilities. Music definitely is a language we all can understand. Connect with David on Google+.
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